January Monthly Recap
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Data Recap


  • Total Volume: $15.5B
  • Average Daily Volume: $499.0M
  • Unique Traders: 1.8M
  • Unique Onsite Users: 3.9M
  • Web3 Wallet — Onsite Users: 48K
  • Web3 Wallet — Average Daily Users: 3.4K
  • Gaming Marketplace - Total CAKE Burned: 16K CAKE ($28K)
  • Gaming Marketplace - Average Daily Users: 12K


  • Total burned: 43.5M CAKE ($126.4M)
  • Bought back from the market to burn: $3.6M
  • N° of holders: 1,587,856 (MoM 1.71%)
  • Effective CAKE Emission Rate: 1.36 CAKE/Block

*As our emissions and burn data are calculated and grouped by weeks, not months, the statistics above may not one-to-one reflect our “monthly burn”, and only serves as a guideline. For more information on our burns, please refer to our weekly burn post on our social channels.

🍽✅ Served In January

January 2024: PancakeSwap's CAKE Burn

January Report.jpg

New Year, first burn report! In January 2024, PancakeSwap achieved a net mint of -178,547. This negative net mint indicates that more CAKE tokens were burned than minted during the month.

Take a look at January’s burn report here 👉 https://blog.pancakeswap.finance/articles/january-2024-pancake-swap-s-cake-burn

Can you imagine how much CAKE we are going to burn this year?

Q1 Roadmap Unveiled


As is PancakeSwap's history, January is a month of updates! And that's why we bring you this new roadmap for the first quarter of 2024.

The kitchen is cooking up many exciting things for the new year! We joined the community to discuss them in another "AMA in the Kitchen" episode.

If you missed out, don't worry; we have the recap ready to read here 👉https://blog.pancakeswap.finance/articles/pancake-swap-2024-q1-roadmap-ama

Milestones Achieved 😎


🐰💫 2024 starts strong! Ethereum PancakeSwap crosses 4B, and PancakeSwap BNB chain surpasses 40B in trading volume!


🎉 Share this if you're trading with us!

👉 Not trading with us yet? Dive in now at: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap

🔄 Explore DeFi with our tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdpJSObiTh4DIlEHjF74qS3zrnzHD1CiW

veCAKE: Developing the next governance era!


Since the launch of veCAKE, PancakeSwap has not stopped working to refine and expand our new governance model, where all parties involved benefit, especially CAKE holders!

As a starting point, we have taken the veCAKE structure and its Gauges to two-layer 2s where we are deployed: Polygon zkEVM & Linea!

Now, veCAKE holders can influence CAKE emissions by voting directly for their desired gauges!


Other news during January includes:

📄Vote incentives are now available for veCAKE through external bribing markets Stake DAO 👇

veCAKE holders can opt to receive vote incentives from projects creating additional rewards for those engaging in CAKE staking

Check it out here 👉https://votemarket.stakedao.org/?market=cake&solution=All

📊The first bribe was live on Hidden Hand!


If you have veCAKE, you could vote for the pxETH-ETH gauge and collect part of the ~$6k bribe That bribe has ended, but that does not mean there won't be more bribes coming in the future!

👉 You can find them here: https://hiddenhand.finance/pancakeswap

Talking about bribes, more voting rewards for veCAKE holders coming from Inspect on the Cakepie bribe market!!

You can check it here: https://twitter.com/Cakepiexyz_io/status/1752020603895177441

📘If you are new to veCAKE, check out our documentation to learn more: https://docs.pancakeswap.finance/products/vecake

Happy Birthday: Aptos PancakeSwap!


🥞1 year of Aptos PancakeSwap, let’s quickly peep at what we achieved👀

🔁382M Cumulative Volume 💜8.57M TVL 🔐416K Total Active Wallets

💫Start your DeFi journey with us now https://aptos.pancakeswap.finance/swap

In celebration of our one-year anniversary, we're delighted to offer our users an exclusive opportunity to earn additional APT and CAKE rewards through Aptos PancakeSwap Yield Farming. More details here: https://blog.pancakeswap.finance/articles/pancake-swap-flourishes-on-aptos-unveiling-a-year-of-achievements-with-special-yield-farming-rewards

Cakepie cIFO!


After a long time, we can say it! PancakeSwap cIFOs are back! Our first guest is Cakepie, one of the projects building on top of PancakeSwap right now!

With more than 7M USD committed, we have far exceeded the funds to raise. The cIFO was a huge success!

We thank all participants and hope you are looking forward to the next cIFO/IFO very soon!

PancakeSwap Prediction: Expanding the horizon!


PancakeSwap Prediction is a fun and simple decentralized prediction market! You can predict the price of different tokens and win!

In our great journey towards becoming the all-in-one DeFi hub, in January, we expanded PancakeSwap Prediction to a new blockchain! Now you can play Prediction on zkSync Era . Layer 2 power!

👉 Start making your prediction now: https://pancakeswap.finance/prediction?token=ETH&chain=arb

Perpetuals v2 updates…and milestones!


New Listings Alert on PancakeSwap Perpetuals v2! 🥞

INJ, ORDI, and NEAR are now available on PancakeSwap Perpetuals v2 on BNB Chain!

Besides that, there are some milestones to share! We have surpassed 1B trading volume on Arbitrum…and 5B on BNB Chain!

🥞 Start trading now: https://perp.pancakeswap.finance/en/futures/v2/BTCUSD 📚 Learn more: https://docs.pancakeswap.finance/products/perpetual-trading

.cake Name Services: Early Access

Space ID .jpg

Space ID launched the Early Access to get a .cake name service in January.

Now you can replace your clunky addresses with .cake domain names. Fantastic, isn’t it?

By the time you’re reading this, the auction stage has ended. But don’t worry, Public Registration will start on February 6th!

👉Follow the stages and get yours at: https://cake.space.id

Hashdit risk scanner landed on Ethereum!


🌟 🔍Risk scanner Update - HashDit is now integrated with Ethereum PancakeSwap 1️⃣ Head over to our Swap page: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?chain=eth
2️⃣ Select your desired tokens 3️⃣ Receive instant and automatic scanning results 4️⃣ Click on the 'risk' label for detailed insights on your tokens.
💡 Stay informed, but remember: these are just guides, not financial advice. Always DYOR.

New Pools


New Farms


Still Cooking - Coming Soon!

💥veCAKE Update: Boost Your CAKE Rewards!

Brace yourselves for an upcoming announcement that will revolutionize your CAKE rewards. Set to unleash a new era of opportunities for the PancakeSwap community. It’s just around the corner.

🕹️Gaming Marketplace Expansion

Get ready to level up your experience in our brand-new marketplace! We're thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of an exciting game that will redefine the way you play and engage in PancakeSwap!

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