PancakeSwap Mastery Challenge: $1,000 USDT Showdown

Hey PancakeSwap Friends

Ring in 2024 with a bang and a bit of brainy fun! We're kicking off the first month of the year with something that's part quiz, part treasure hunt, and all excitement - the PancakeSwap Mastery Challenge.

Here’s your chance to not only show off your DeFi smarts but also grab a slice of a delicious $1,000 USDT. Whether you're a PancakeSwap beginner or pro, our trivia levels are tailored to sprinkle fun into your expertise. So, get ready to flex those crypto-brains and potentially fatten your wallet!

Duration: 15 Jan - 16 Feb

Pick Your Level:

1. PancakeSwap Beginners: click here

  • Perfect if you're just starting with PancakeSwap
  • Read and answer questions
  • Prize: 50 lucky newbies receive $10 USDT each!

2. PancakeSwap Pro: click here

  • Become one of our pro users
  • Read and take tougher questions
  • Prize: 25 awesome masters get $20 USDT each

Total Prize:
The total prize pool amounts to $1,000 USDT

You can find all the answers in our blogs:

This isn't just a challenge; it's a celebration of knowledge, fun, and the start of an amazing 2024. We're mixing learning with earning, and everyone's invited to join the party. The winners will be announced one week following the conclusion of the challenge.

Sharpen your wits, have a blast, and who knows? You might just start 2024 as a PancakeSwap winner!

🥞 The Chefs

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